Kilowatts for a Cause

December 2023 Newsletter

Kilowatts for a Cause

Why We Predict A Brighter Future in 2024

Did you know that on-site solar at commercial and industrial sites offers one of the biggest opportunities to reduce carbon emissions in the US?

Enough solar energy reaches the earth in one hour to power all of our communities for a year, yet only 4% of commercial buildings are capitalizing on solar. That’s why the Kilowatts For A Cause (KW4AC) Family of experts have been diligently working to help small businesses save and produce energy since 2012.

Coupling roof top solar with the installation of dual axis solar trackers in parking lots and on agricultural lands, brings tremendous potential to impact the climate crisis. We believe the upcoming installation of our dual axis trackers at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Net Zero Training Center in Detroit is a clear sign that clean energy is moving to the mainstream (more below). Energy Alliance Group (EAG) is proud of this project and the impacts we’ve helped customers make. Kilowatts For A Cause was founded to amplify the impact of our customers and do it more equitably.

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