Kilowatts for a Cause


Support Solar

Help us promote and deploy solar energy, while giving back to communities and assisting low-income families with the financial burdens they endure.

Low-income families suffer many financial burdens, one of which is the cost of energy. In the U.S., low-income households face disproportionately higher energy costs. On average, their energy costs are three to ten times higher than non-low-income households. Yet today, even as solar energy has become the cheapest source of energy in history, few low-income households have access to solar or, in some way, even benefit from it. With solar, energy costs can be reduced and the savings can help offset other financial burdens.
Deployment of solar energy and giving back to local communities changes everything. But our work to do so can’t start without your support. You can help provide education, deploy solar, and give back to low-income families who need it most.