Kilowatts for a Cause

How It Works

Install solar to support your community.

Close up of a solar panel with the sky above them


Your business agrees to buy solar electricity produced by KW4AC at or below the current market rate.


KW4AC determines the project design and secures equipment, operations, and maintenance costs.


KW4AC and our partners determine the funding model by utilizing solar incentives, tax credits, and crowdfunding,


Our partners install the solar energy system on your building or property with no money down.

Give Back

KW4AC makes a donation from the savings generated from the solar program to a local charity on your behalf.

Five Steps to Give Back

Our approach is quite simple. While typical solar systems are developed to operate at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour and offer the savings to the building owner, Kilowatts For A Cause® solar systems are developed to not only operate at the lowest cost per kilowatt hour, but generate savings to give back to local non-profits that support low-income families in the same community that the system has been installed.

Kilowatts For A Cause® offers participants the option to purchase energy, at their current utility rate or less, from a solar energy system installed on their building or property. From the savings generated by the operation of the solar system, Kilowatts For A Cause® will make a donation, on behalf of the program participant, to a local non-profit supporting low-income families. If the participant is a school, a donation is made to the school to further the education of their students.

The system is designed, financed, installed, commissioned, and maintained, with no-money-down, for the duration of the contract term. This reduces barriers to entry, complexity, capital requirements, technology risks, and maintenance & operation risks for building owners.

We have developed a stream line approach to what most feel is difficult, complicated, and just not worth pursuing. Through our knowledge and the expertise of our friends, we have developed a process that is streamlined by technology and finance innovations consisting of:


  • Pre-project assessment tools to quickly identify high feasibility solar energy system projects.
  • Design performance tools to ensure system output is validated for project investors.
  • Financial modeling tools to ensure profitability and generation of savings to support the cause.
  • Database containing a vast group of technology, finance, tax equity, and operation & maintenance providers that support the development, finance, installation, and operation of solar energy systems for non-profit and for-profit commercial and industrial building owners.
  • Workflow management tools to optimize the design, build, commission, and operation process.

Meet Our Partners

We couldn’t do this alone. Learn more about our amazing partner organizations and other contributors who are helping us make solar strides.