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How Solar Can Help Your Business Save

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Hedge your business from skyrocketing utility costs and grid instability with a state-of-the-art solar system that will save you money for decades to come. If you’re tired of paying too much for energy, primarily generated from polluting fossil fuels, this is the ideal time to install solar which has numerous ongoing business and community benefits. Over the next 10 years, on-site solar is one of the best financial decisions businesses can make thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act and other federal, state, and utility incentives currently available. It’s not just a fad – solar energy really is the future.

Key Points

A Resource that Keeps on Giving

Utility rates have dramatically increased in the U.S. over the last three years and the forecast is that this trend will continue for years to come. Solar energy systems with battery backup can offset peak-demand charges and bolster a business’s resilience against power outages, reducing costly downtime.

At Kilowatts For A Cause, we provide several clean energy funding models including options that don’t require any capital investments and lock in your electricity rates at or below your current costs. After the installation, we make a donation, on behalf of your business, to a local nonprofit that works with underserved communities.

On-site solar can further improve your company image and help attract and retain customers and employees who increasingly care about sustainability. A recent study by McKinsey and Company found that consumers pay attention to sustainability claims and a growing majority are willing to back that with their pocketbook.

Moreover, implementing a new solar system will not only boost your company’s environmental and social initiatives but also generate additional community advantages. On-site solar projects diversify the power grid and improve reliability by adding energy during the daytime when it is needed most. Additionally, commercial solar projects contribute towards cities, counties, and state governments meeting their green energy targets.

Adaptable and Accessible Energy Solutions

Solar energy is accessible to businesses of any size and sector, including nonprofit, industrial, and agricultural operations. Regardless of your latitude, clean energy systems are customizable to meet your specific needs. Solar can be installed on new or existing facilities in any stage of development.

Kilowatts for a Cause simplifies the process and removes barriers by developing and constructing solar designs built to achieve company goals. Accessibility is key to the adoption of solar energy, and systems can be installed with no money down, with long-term operation and maintenance programs for up to 20 years to help maximize system performance.

We will help your business take full advantage of the various incentives, tax rebates and grants for adopting clean energy. Many utilities will provide you with credit for excess power generated by your solar system. Depending on your provider’s policies, this credit may be as high as one-for-one, or net metering where each excess kilowatt provides you with a credit to be “cashed in” at a future time. Find out more about your state’s net metering policies.

On-site solar energy can also be used to help transition from fossil fuel powered vehicles and building energy systems, such as HVAC and cooking appliances.

The Long Run

The long-run benefit of solar is that renewable energy helps mitigate risks associated with climate change and the public health issues that are linked to fossil fuels. Renewable energy offers a practical solution for your sustainability efforts and extends into philanthropic endeavors to support local communities.

The long-term savings from solar are a significant economic advantage, while conveying a business’s commitment to be environmentally conscious and community-focused.

Investing in a solar energy system not only fosters a positive reputation, but it enhances brand loyalty and can attract consumers and employees who prefer to support eco-friendly companies. Essentially, adopting solar energy is not just about financial gains; it’s about embodying sustainable values and making a meaningful impact on both the environment and your community as a whole. In other words, doing what’s right is just good business.

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