Kilowatts for a Cause

March 2024 Newsletter

Kilowatts for a Cause: Let's create an equitable, healthy, and sustainable world powered by clean energy.

Greetings Fellow Change Makers

Here’s Watt’s New!

With many thanks to 8THIRTYFOUR Integrated Communications and our generous contributors, we are delighted to showcase our new logo, look, and expanding engagement! Our growing outreach is creating new opportunities to develop innovative clean energy projects incorporating food security and equity.

To find out more, please check out the new KW4AC website. Connect and join in our vision to create an equitable, healthy and sustainable world powered by clean energy. Follow and Like us on Linked-In and Facebook. Share us with your connections. Get your questions answered with our upcoming blog post debunking Solar Myths.

Solar is the most affordable, abundant, and cleanest form of energy currently available, and everyone deserves to benefit. Let’s do this!

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